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We’ve found these formulas and conversion factors to be helpful!   Have Fun!!


Pond Volume:

For a square or rectangular pond volume in gallons:

(Length) x (Width) x (Depth) = cubic volume,  if measured in inches divide by 231
if measure in feet multiply by 7.5

For a round pool in gallons:

(Radius) x (Radius) x 3.14  x depth in feet  = cubic volume, convert as above.

Note:  for most ponds, calculate the volume as if the pond had straight sides and a flat even floor.  To compensate, we then multiply the volume by .75 to .85

Other Equations:

Feet Head (of water) x 0.433 = PSI (pounds per square inch)
PSI (pounds per square inch) x 2.31 =  Feet Head (of water)