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About Serenity Water Gardens

Since 1991

Our Most Popular Turn-key Water Features:


Indoor & outdoor, koi fish & aquatic plants.


Formal & informal, residential & commercial.


Cascading into pools, cascading streams.


Flowing into ponds, natural landscape.

Over Three Decades of Excellence.

Serenity Water Gardens, Inc., a veteran in the water feature industry since 1991, proudly celebrates over three decades of service excellence in the Southeast region. We maintain an unwavering commitment to delivering the highest quality products and services to our community.

Our specialization lies in comprehensive turn-key water features, offering a diverse array of options to suit a range of preferences. From the elegance of formal fountains to the serene charm of waterfalls cascading into swimming pools, as well as the sophisticated allure of indoor water gardens, our extensive portfolio underscores our versatility and craftsmanship.

We are located in Atlanta, GA.


Bring Serenity to Your Landscape.

Our projects encompass a broad spectrum, catering to both modest spaces and expansive landscapes. Whether it’s a compact 6′ x 8′ x 3′ pond or an expansive 100′ x 150′ x 9′ pond adorned with meandering streams and captivating waterfalls, we adapt our designs to harmonize with your garden and align with your financial considerations.

Within our naturalistic ponds, you’ll discover coexisting fish, vibrant aquatic flora, captivating underwater illumination, and premium landscape lighting that gracefully traces the contours of streams and waterfalls. We offer an array of advanced features such as skimmer baskets, UV sterilizer lights, and bog filtration systems, all designed to minimize maintenance while optimizing the aesthetics and functionality of your water feature.

Watch Serenity Water Gardens Featured on CBS’s “Better Gardening Show”

The host of the “Better Gardening Show” Tara Dillard interviews the owner of Serenity Water Gardens, Greg McCord as they discuss the art and science of building a residential water feature. Watch Greg and his crew build a koi pond with a waterfall from beginning to end, and learn helpful tips about from determining the correct ration of aquatic plants to choosing the right contractor for your dream backyard pond.

More Testimonials:

Serenity Water Gardens constructed a spectacular waterfall in my front yard in the Summer of 2013. The job was done professionally, and I had a great experience with them.  I highly recommend them- they know their job really well!

Matt Khosravi

Serenity did a great job building our koi ponds and have been very responsive in terms of service in the years since it was built. Very high level of craftsmanship – highly recommended if you want the very best.

Bill Bell

They built a beautiful new pond for us and restored our old pond. Great work. Very professional. Excellent maintenance and customer service all the time.

Silvia Kaiser Block